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Give up the world; give up self; finally, give up God.
Find god in rhododendrons and rocks,
passers-by, your cat.
Pare your beliefs, your absolutes.
Make it simple; make it clean.
No carry-on luggage allowed.
Examine all you have
with a loving and critical eye, then
throw away some more.
Repeat. Repeat.
Keep this and only this:
what your heart beats loudly for
what feels heavy and full in your gut.

There will only be one or two
things you will keep,
and they will fit lightly
in your pocket.

by Sheri Hostetler

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..is now halfway completed.  I have successfully started up a blog.  Now, the second half: Post regularly, meet people, learn stuff, conquer the world ermm I meant, conquer the worm composting bin.  Simple spelling error…. Yes, that’s it.

I do have more New Years Resolutions.  Ones that will also take time, effort and dedication.

I will eat less sugar.  I will eat more greens.  This is an ongoing mantra.  If I repeat it often enough and with enough gratitude, surely the universe will deliver.  That willpower thing, I keep working on it.

Despite ongoing struggles with my willpower, in 2009 I was able to lose over 30 pounds and keep it off.  I want to add to that this year, and I want more muscle tone.  Don’t we all?

Green smoothies are currently all the rage, but I have yet to make one that is as delicious as the enthusiasts make me believe.  Actually, I have yet to make one that is tolerable beyond a few sips.  So that is another resolution: Try to perfect a few green smoothies recipes and do it without the luxury of a vitamixer.

Most importantly, I want to have a real garden growing by this summer.  Not just chickens,  herbs and aloe.  I want my own pumpkin patch and an Autumn tomato orgy.  I want rabbits.  I want a cow.  Well, that will have to wait for a bigger yard.

What do you think?  Green smoothie recipes?  Easy exercise tips for the slightly lazy?

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