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No really! I spent yesterday hauling car-fulls of manure from nearby horse country. 28 cubic feet, to be exact. Yes, I did the math. Including cylindrical volume equation googling.

To haul 28 cubic feet of manure in a mid sized Saturn, one needs large plastic boxes or tarps, or a heavy duty vacuum, I guess. I used rubbermaid bins, the kind with a lid that you store your Christmas stuff in all year. Except mine are caked with dumpster goo and manure, year round. To haul manure: bring wide shovel, fill boxes, struggle to lift and take home, rinse and repeat. Well, the rinse is not so much necessary.

So, what do you do with all that manure? You make compost! And lots of it. I happen to have two large bales of straw that was [oops] ruined in the recent unseasonal desert rains. So to make waste useful again, I layer a nice base of rotting, moldy straw and then layer the dry crispy manure nuggets and the straw and manure and repeat, like a really disgusting lasagne. Spraying with water all the while, of course. You need moisture for rotting.

I will continue to spray and turn this pile with my pitchfork daily, or as much as my back can handle, until it all turns into beautiful black soil. Hopefully it will take no more than
18 Days!!

This is the finished lasagne pile:

Notice how much larger this pile is compared to my kitchen and dumpster waste piles.**

**Close up of the colorful compost pile back there: beautiful dozens of roses and other flowers I collected dumpster diving in the days after Valentines day.

Most of the flowers become compost, but some become money saving post-valentines gifts to mommy from son:

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